Building on a Powerful History

Ralph Brodie founded his company in 1929, and in 1948 developed the BiRotor Meter, which set a new industry standard for efficiency in PD meters.

In 1965, Rockwell Manufacturing purchased Brodie Meter Co., improved the technology and moved the manufacturing facility to Statesboro, GA, today’s world headquarters.

1970 ushered in an era of additional improvements and distribution, under the ownership of Brooks Instrument, a division of Emerson Electric. While the product offerings continued to expand and improve (valves, presets, turbine meters and engineered systems were added to the line), the company name changed frequently, from Brooks Petroleum to Fisher – Rosemount Petroleum to Daniel Measurement & Control.

In 2003, a small group of industry experts acquired the company’s assets began to lead Brodie into a powerful future with technology breakthroughs, market-driven solutions and expanded capabilities.

Today we are an industry leader in the production and distribution of high precision liquid flow meters and valves used in the custody transfer of petroleum products. Companies worldwide rely on Brodie International to accurately move the products that drive their industries.