Flow Meters: Top Industries That Use These Essential Instruments

displacement meters

Flow meters are one of the most important parts in an industry’s operations. A wide variety of industries rely on these instruments to measure a gas or liquid’s linear or nonlinear way, by its mass, or by the volumetric flow rate. As these meters are central in the custody transfer of petroleum products, they need to have high precision and the best quality.


Let’s take a look at the industries that make the most use of gear and displacement meters and you’ll discover what you need to invest in for your company.


  • Aviation: Whether you operate a commercial or military aircraft, they all rely on accurate tracking of the aircraft’s fuel. Not only is maintaining the proper fuel levels important for the safety of everyone on board, but a flow meter is essential in managing the ever-increasing costs of fuel.


  • Food and Beverage: This industry encompasses a range of restaurants, bakeries, breweries, and other establishments. Regardless of their operational differences, nearly all of them need accurate flow meters. For instance, any establishment that needs to transport juices requires positive displacement meters. To distribute the correct amount of a liquid in a recipe, you would need a Brodie Oval Gear Meter.


  • Chemical: The Oval Gear Meter is also ideal for uses in the chemical industry. Because of the broad diversity of products that a chemist needs to measure, gear meters offer the best safety and efficiency. These meters are even safe for batching operations in which combustible vapors may be present.


  • Marine: Similar to the use of liquid flow meters in aviation applications, those in the water need them as well. Ship operators need to know how much fuel they have at any given time. This makes displacement meters essential to the operation. These meters are also important in offshore fuel loading and unloading.


  • Utilities: There are an estimated 2.5 million miles of pipelines that transport fuel products from source to market in the United States. Many of these miles are dedicated to fuel that is used to power commercials and residential buildings. Operators at the energy plants that receive the fuel rely on meters to accurately measure the amounts that they’re taking in and sending out.


From food and beverage to chemical plants, flow meters are the unsung heroes of the facility’s operation. Contact Brodie International today to learn more about the right meters for your company.