Compatibility Counts

The chemical industry poses many challenges due to the diversity of products to be measured. Material compatibility is of prime concern for reasons of safety and product life which is why all Brodie Oval Gear Meters are constructed with 316 stainless steel. Brodie has extensive experience in the chemical industry with the time proven Oval Gear Meter technology.

Offering a compact design that requires no power to operate, Brodie Oval Gear Meters are commonly used in batching operations where combustible vapors may be present, thus eliminating the requirement for expensive explosion proof enclosures. Brodie’s Oval Gear Meter also offers the patented SMART METER MANAGER. This small intrinsically safe flow computer, which mounts directly on the meter, provides the electronic features expected from a high precision measurement device. No other meter combines the field proven accuracy and the electronic features of the SMART METER MANAGER in an Oval Gear Meter.

Brodie International addresses the critical requirements of the chemical industry with our portfolio of high precision Oval Gear Meters. For decades we have delivered solutions for complex applications, achieving highest marks for customer responsiveness and satisfaction.