Achieving Excellence in the Upstream Industry

Upstream operations face great new challenges as the business becomes more complex by the day. Remote locations and diminishing skilled workforce drive the criticality of reliably reducing costs and downtime, complex accounting arrangements from joint ownership of assets mandating extremely accurate and repeatable measurements for true allocation of revenues and costs are just an example of the challenges facing Upstream Operators.

Brodie International addresses these critical requirements through our portfolio of high precision Fiscal Measurement and Control solutions. We have been delivering on our commitment of excellence for decades, achieving highest marks for customer responsiveness and satisfaction.

Brodie’s Custody Transfer applications provide industry leading accuracy and reliability through the integration of our BiRotor Plus series of Positive Displacement Meters and Control Valves.

The BiRotor Meter is a positive displacement meter utilized in the most demanding applications requiring accuracy, long life and ruggedness. The electronic “P” Series meter configuration features a sealed measuring chamber with one reluctance type electronic sensor. The sealed electronic sensor transmits amplified signals to local or remote instruments. A second optional sensor is available to allow dual channel pulses that are 90 degrees electrically out of phase.

Accuracy is attained by the unique BiRotor design which features two finely balanced rotors. An adjustor, incorporated on the meter, is used to assure maximum accuracy within the meter's flow range (Mechanical Only)1,987 M3H, 12,500 BPH Learn more about Custody Transfer Applications and the specifics of the BiRotor P-Style.