Bio Fuels

Brodie’s SAVMOR program provides the same benefits for Bio Blending in the terminal as it does for straight product. The bright new day for ethanol and other biofuels has a dark side; residue and build up that can cause costly measurement problems. Our BiRotor Plus positive displacement meter and our TruAct digital control valve offer unparalleled performance and are immune from the effects of build up caused by residue from blend stock.
Brodie’s  SAVMOR bio blending program addresses the needs for compatible “o”rings in our valves and meters to insure long lasting maintenance free operation, without sacrificing terminal up time



Accurate, Repeatable, Reliable, all trademarks of the Brodie SAVMOR Biofuels program. It is the only measurement technology that handles biofuels, so its industry-leading accuracy and repeatability remain reliable.

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