Achieving Excellence in the Transportation Industry

Pipeline owners are continuously driven to provide environmentally safe, cost effective and reliable transfers from crude oil to finished fuels. With the multiple sources of materials into the pipeline and the highly diversified number of outlets tapping into the pipeline, keeping track of the material movement is absolutely critical for Pipeline operation.

Whether it be for tracking differences in pipeline flow for top level leak detection or providing fast and repeatable measurements for financial custody transfer, accuracy is paramount. Additionally, it is critical to be able to provide these results independently of whether it is a small point to point pipeline or a very large high compression long distance application.

Brodie International addresses these critical requirements through their portfolio of high precision measurement and control solutions. Brodie has been delivering on their commitment of excellence for decades, achieving highest marks for customer responsiveness and satisfaction. Brodie’s Custody Transfer applications provide industry leading accuracy and reliability through the integration of their BiRotor Plus series of Positive Displacement Meters and Control Valves. For those large pipelines, the BiRotor P style meters are especially built up to 16 inches. Learn more about Custody Transfer Applications and the specifics of the BiRotor Plus or the BiRotor P-Style.