Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) are viable products having a variety of uses in the petroleum market.  The commonality of the NGLs is that measurement products continue to be challenged and have a significantly shortened life cycle because of the dry nature of products like propane and butane. The dryness of the NGLs eliminates the lubricating quality of most petroleum products and raises operating temperature levels to where a significant amount of meters have early failure rates. Accuracy is lost, repeatability is irregular, and lost time is common. Selection of equipment in NGL applications is significant to achieving reduced operating costs and increasing profitability.


Brodie meters used in NGLs have a superior track record when applied in NGL solutions. The Brodie measurement equipment is commonly equipped with specialized bearings that can operate accurately at temperature levels which surpass others in the industry. These special bearings are common in the Brodie BiRotor Plus meters used in dry product applications such as NGLs. This feature of the BiRotor Plus meter makes it the meter of choice when measuring NGLs. The superior measurement accuracy and repeatability and wide flow range of the BiRotor Plus is not affected in NGL applications.  Life cycles of the meter are not impacted by failure and downtime becomes insignificant.

To reach improved levels of operation in NGL measurement Brodie International’s products are unsurpassed.