Achieving Excellence in the Industrial Industries

Chemicals, food and pharmaceutical industries are extremely diverse yet they have some very similar characteristics. Whether it be providing batches of industrial solvent, creating a vat of beer for brewing or mixing several ingredients for a common pharmaceutical, all require extremely accurate and repeatable operations. Key to achieving that type of operation is the measurement technology that drives the process for both operations and financial tracking and reporting.

Brodie International addresses these critical requirements through our portfolio of high precision measurement and control solutions. Brodie has been delivering on their commitment of excellence for decades, achieving highest marks for customer responsiveness and satisfaction. Brodie’s Custody Transfer industrial applications provide industry leading accuracy and reliability through the Oval flowmeters. These are virtually unaffected by changing viscosity products at low flow rates. The unique 3-piece design uses both front and rear flanges instead of the closed-end body found in traditional meters Learn more about Custody Transfer Applications and the specifics of the Brodie Oval Meter.