Electronic Accessories

Brodie offers state-of-the-art electronic accessories complementary to their lines of positive displacement BiRotors Meters, Oval Gear Meters, and Control Valves.

The accessories range from our new ER-100 electronic rate totalizer to presets, pulsers, and batch controllers. These accessories provide an interface between the measuring units and receiving equipment that is necessary for control, monitoring, and substantiation. If the output required is electronic, Brodie has the ability to provide reliable and accurate equipment the industry can rely on to perform exceptionally.

The Brodie UMB Pulser, is a device that can be fitted to a mechanical flow meter to provide an electrical output signal proportional to the volume measured. It is designed to replace old fashioned mechanical stack up assemblies so to adapt the flow meters to modern day control systems and electronic instrumentation that required pulsed input signals.

The ER100(-M) distinguishes itself by its quality, functionality driven design, and robust manufacturing. In addition to its explosion-proof design, the LCD display provides multiple points of flow data at a glance in addition to multiple electronic outputs. The unit is easily configured, and its operation via the optical, through-glass keypad makes this unit vastly superior to the competition.