Two Stage Differential Control

Brochure BV Valves R04

Model BV87ALP

The Model BV87ALP Brodie Two-Stage Valve is typically used when handling products exhibiting high vapor pressure found in applications such as LPG or ammonia services.
The BV87ALP is a two-stage control valve designed for differential pressure control, pressure control, maximum rate of flow, and excess flow shut-down.

The BV87ALP consists of:
• Basic BV Model Valve
• Two Series BV10 Normally Closed Pilots
• One Series BV11 Normally Open Pilot
• One Series BV70 Differential Pressure Pilot
• One Series BV60 Excess Flow Shut-Down Pilot
• One Series BV54 Maximum Fate of Flow Pilot
• One 3-Way Ball Valve/Excess Flow Shut-Down
• Strainer
• Microswitch
• Pneutrol Controller (Opening Speed)
• Needle Valve (Closing Speed)