Specification Sheets

Brodie International specification sheets may be downloaded in PDF form.

1-1/2″, 2″ BiRotor

1/2″ – 3″ Oval Gear Displacement Meters

10″ BiRotor

12″ BiRotor

16″ BiRotor

2 Stage Set Stop

3″ BiRotor

4″ BiRotor

6″ BiRotor

8″ BiRotor

Back Pressure / Pressure Relief

BiRotor Plus

BiRotor Plus, Non-Ferrous

BiRotor Plus, Single Case

Differential Control

Digital Control Valves

Electronic Accessories

Flow Limiting

High Capacity BIROTOR

Inline Pipe Strainers and Air Eliminators

Mechanical Accessories

On/Off Solenoid Operated

Power Cylinder Operated Valve

Pressure Reducing

Two Stage Differential Control

Two Stage Hydraulic

Vane Meter