Calibration Services

Expert Flow Testing Professionals

The Service and Repair Department at Brodie International can flow test any liquid flow equipment with capabilities up to 12,000 BBLS/HR. Our process fluid is mineral spirits (specific gravity = 0.78, viscosity = 1.8 cst). If your meter fails calibration, you will be advised of the failure and be able to decide the disposition of your flow meter.

Need calibration for EPA compliance? Brodie International provides NIST Traceable calibrations and also calibrations compliant with EPA 40 CFR 75.

A Brodie Service Representative will contact you after receiving your equipment and advise the completion date for your equipment. You may also submit a request and receive pricing prior to the shipping of your equipment.

All equipment sent to Brodie International must have an RMA (Return Material Authorization) Number!

All equipment must be purged and accompanied by an MSDS and Decontamination Statement!