Field Services

Providing a Full Portfolio of Field Services

The ability for a client to acquire and continually keep their technical support personnel current on the wide breadth of equipment that is on their sites continues to become more problematic. Brodie International understands that even with their equipment’s stellar record for reliability, their clients need support and often they need it at their facility. Brodie provides a wide range of services that can be delivered at the client’s facility.

From the most basic troubleshooting of problems to identifying how to improve the efficiency of the site’s operation, Brodie has the breadth of skills and resources to support their clients either on a single incident basis or a planned program of onsite services.

When new single pieces of equipment or complete skids are being installed, Brodie can provide the appropriate pre-installation planning and start-up support all the way through to complete installation and commissioning.

For those sites with operational and equipment problems, Brodie’s objective is to minimize any downtime and the associated cost by troubleshooting and repairing the issue in a single visit if at all possible.

To minimize the possibility of unplanned problems and outages, Brodie offers a plan of periodic sites surveys and audits to identify possible problem areas before they become real.