Electronic Accessories

Brodie offers a range of electronic accessories to compliment to our positive displacement BiRotors Meters, Oval Gear Meters, and Control Valves. These accessories provide an interface between the measuring units and remote monitoring equipment.

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The Brodie UMB Pulser is a device that can be fitted to a mechanical flow meter to provide an electrical output signal proportional to the volume measured. It is designed to replace traditional mechanical stack up assemblies, adapting the flow meters to modern day control systems and electronic instrumentation requiring pulsed signals.
The flowrate / totalizer model ER100 is an explosion proof microprocessor driven instrument designed to linearize the flowmeter’s flow curve and to show the flowrate, the total and the accumulated total.
The Brodie Model 200 frequency-to-analog converter accepts a frequency input signal (TTL) compatible) and converts this input frequency to a linear analog current output of 4-20 mAdc capable of driving standard process instrumentation.
The Brodie Model 300 two-stage electronic Batch Controller is a microprocessor based panel mounted instrument designed to be used in conjunction with primary flow sensors which have a pulse or contact closure output. The main function of the unit is to provide indication and control of process batch size.