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Mechanical Accessories

Mechanical accessories range from totalizing registers, ticket printers, presets, frequency to analog converters, flow rate indicators and temperature compensation units. These accessories provide an interface between the meters and remote equipment utilized for control and monitoring.

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Flexibility in Output

  • Can be fitted with various mechanical accessories (no external power required).
  • Dual channel output (90° out of phase) per API (P style) or fitted pulsers on mechanical meters.


The Stackup

  • 1. Ticket Printer – Provides ticket print-out of the transaction
  • 2. Net Register – Provides compensated volume
  • 3. Automatic Temperature Compensator
  • 4. Gross Register – Local indication in desired engineering units (e.g.: gallons, liters)
  • 5. Preset – Allows program amount to be delivered
  • 6. Pulse Output Device – Relays information to another source
  • 7. Adjuster – Allows calibration of the meter, changes gear ratio between meter packing and counter
  • 8. Temperature Sensor
  • 9. Drain Plug
  • 10. External Housing – Provides pressure containment


The 7887 meter register totalizes and displays high speed deliveries and transactions in large easy-to-read figures. Displays a 5 digit resettable totalizer and 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. Optional 6 digit resettable totalizer and 8 digit non-resettable totalizer available with the 7886 Meter Register.
The 7888 printer enables printing of data recorded by the mechanical meter register for documentation purposes. Available in either zero start or accumulative format.
The 7889 preset enables end users to select and automatically control the closure of a batch valve to deliver an exact predetermined volume. Valve closure is controlled either in two stages, with a pre-shut-off dwell period to prevent hydraulic shock or in a single-stage for shut-off only.
The Micro Switch assembly has two double chamber internal switches to provide Full Flow, Low Flow and Off Control for the 7889 preset counters.
The dry reed (1:1 or 10:1) and solid state (100:1) pulse transmitters provide fast and accurate signaling for remote indication, totalizing and data monitoring systems. The 1871, 7697 and 7671 pulse transmitters accurately pulses electronic signals from a meter register to a remote display or a data system
The Brodie Model 4400 Automatic Temperature Compensator is a device which automatically and continuously corrects a meter counter to indicate the volume that a metered delivery would occupy at a selected base temperature.
Model 351 single or dual output high frequency pulse generator (HFPG) is a photo electric device used to provide two output signals proportional to unit volume while maintaining a mechanical meter-to-register link. Signal outputs are electrically 90 degree out-of-phase and are used primarily for pulse security. Although designed for use in meter proving, the dual phase generator can be used on any application requiring a high-resolution signal indicating throughput or rate of flow.
The Brodie Model 805 Rate of Flow Indicator provides visual indication of flow rate for meters with a mechanical output. It consists of a right-angle drive mounted directly in the meter stackup to drive a mechanical tachometer. The Mechanical Flow Rate Indicator has the indicator dial mounted directly in the accessory block and is driven by the tachometer.The Brodie Model 818 Electro-Mechanical Rate of Flow Indicator provides remote indication of flow rate. It consists of a right-angle drive mounted directly in the meter stack-up with a tach generator that provides electrical output signals to a remote indicator dial that can be located up to 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) away.