The Different Models Of Brodie Valves

Precision is a crucial factor in any oil company, and one of the most important ways to ascertain peak performance is by using a Brodie valve. After all, crude oil is passing through the oil pipes that run nearly 72,000 miles across the country to connect regional markets; companies need to make sure that the right amount of oil is transported and process accordingly.

Brodie valves are used in conjunction with electronic devices to control the amount of batch delivery fluid flowing through a pipe. The electric controls are preset to maintain the liquid flow beginning with low flow startup, high flow rate, low flow shutdown, and shut off.

This is also the only way to provide flow-meter accuracy because of the maintained flow rate, even with varying pressures. A Brodie valve will use a combination of pilots and solenoids for the multiple applications. The applications will range from back pressure control to differential control. The valve uses a balanced piston principle.

Here are some of the most common types of Brodie valves that your business can choose from:

  1. Model BV10, BV11: These models are piped with a needle valve which is operated using a balanced piston. The pilot also varies the pressure on the spring side depending on the flow required.
  2. Model BV50: This Brodie valve is designed to regulate downstream pressure regardless of fluctuations in liquid flow. The valve senses line pressure at selected points in order to maintain the desired pressure point.
  3. Model BV54: This Brodie valve is primarily a flow control valve which is designed to maintain the control of the fluid. In this model. the pressure generally overcomes the force of the spring and forces the valve to open, which in turn allows the liquid to flow.
  4. Model BV60: This model is designed to maintain a precise upstream pressure irrespective of fluctuations in the flow or downstream pressure. It is operated through a pressure pilot which senses the line pressure at selected points in order to throttle the pressure. This helps the valve to maintain the desired minimum pressure and keep the liquid flowing as it ought to. If the pressure falls below a certain threshold, the valve automatically closes until the desired pressure is achieved.
  5. Model BV70: This Brodie valve is usually closed, and it maintains a specific pressure differential that is within +/-2%. The valve is also pilot operated and works such that the pressure differential overcomes the force of the spring, which in turn causes the main valve to open, so the liquid flows.
  6. Model BV88: This model uses digital control valves and offers a specific flow rate of the batch liquid. The digital control valve operation ensure that the low flow startup, high rate control, low flow shit down, and final shut off the flow is controlled to precision. This ensures that there is maximum liquid flow meters accuracy by maintaining a constant flow rate of the fluid.

Maintaining an oil operation is no easy feat. For the best in Brode valve products and information, rely on Brode International.