Brodie International Co., LLC provides liquid flow meters and equipment for the petroleum and industrial markets. The company specializes in producing high precision meters and valves that are used in the custody transfer of petroleum products. All products are all field-tested and proven, and provide superior solutions for custody transfer applications. Brodie is dedicated to being the most reliable company producing and distributing quality meters and services. The company believes in building long-term relationships with customers, employees and selling partners.

Brodie’s product portfolio includes positive displacement meters, control valves, electronic totalizers, strainers and air eliminators, calibration and reconditioning services and engineered systems. Each of these products is very successful and is globally recognized and respected throughout the industry.

The company’s design, engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Statesboro, GA, USA. The plant is both ISO 9001:2008 and PED certified. The Service Center specializes in the repair and conditioning of meters and valves from all major manufacturers. Brodie has the largest Calibration Center in North America, with flow rates up to 20,000 B/H on water and 12,000 B/H on mineral spirits.

Brodie is a world-class production facility in the flow measurement market. Products and services are sold and distributed worldwide and are used by numerous international oil and pipeline companies.


Today Brodie International continues with the tradition of providing world class fiscal measurement solutions to the petroleum market. We are now a global organization covering all regions of the world answering the needs of our clients. Brodie leads the industry in providing the most accurate and reliable measurement solutions through the BiRotor series of meters and the linear piston control valves. We focus on creating partnerships with our clients to jointly define the best solutions to the industry challenges.

Brodie International products and services are used by a broad petroleum customer base, including being industry leaders in:
• Upstream Oil & Liquefied Gas
• Refining
• Downstream Distribution
• Pipeline
• Aviation

Brodie International provides the following types of applications to the industries we serve:
• Marketing Terminal operations including blending
• Pipeline custody transfer
• Master Metering
• Engineered Systems
• Fuels Management

The Brodie International portfolio of products covers the breadth and depth required for high precision fiscal measurement. Among our product lines are:
• Mechanical BiRotor Series
• Electronic BiRotor Series, featuring the BiRotor Plus high accuracy meters
• Oval Gear Meters
• Piston Control Valves
• Strainers & Air Eliminators
• Engineered Systems

Among the certificates that Brodie has earned are:
• ISO 9001:2008
• PED Conformance
• ATEX compliance
• SEP (Sound Engineering Practices)
• OIML R117
• NMi

Brodie International equipment is installed in all prime countries and continents. These installations range into the thousands of units covering the breadth of applications in the petroleum industry.

Locations & Facilities
Brodie International corporate headquarters is in Statesboro, Georgia with sales and service locations throughout the world.

Brodie has over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity in their Statesboro facility. We also have the largest Calibration Center in North America with capacity of 20,000 B/H on water and 12,000 B/H on mineral spirits.