Oil Handling Technology

Focusing on increasing equipment availability, industry leading meter accuracy, repeatability, and linear flow control is the key to optimizing operations. Improving truck loading efficiency through greater turn-down and improved low-flow control during shutdown will help maximize facility throughput while increasing safety.

The BiRotor Plus/BV88 combination is a pre-eminent choice in truck loading applications worldwide, either as components or parts of a Brodie modular solution.

Custody transfer is the core application solving complex accounting issues resulting from joint ownership of assets mandating extremely accurate and repeatable measurements for true allocation of revenues and costs between participating entities.

Brodie International addresses these critical requirements through our portfolio of high-precision Fiscal Measurement and Control solutions. We have been delivering on our commitment of excellence for decades, achieving highest marks for customer responsiveness and satisfaction. Brodie’s custody transfer solutions provide industry leading accuracy and reliability through our BiRotor Plus series of positive displacement meter and integrated measurement systems.

Brodie International’s blending systems are engineered to meet all user-defined specification, flexible in design, offer a wide range of component selection and integrate seamlessly into existing facilities.

Our blending solutions is custom designed to provide the transfer of blended fuel in ratios that range from 1% – 99% while fully compliant with all standard local and federal codes for fuel handling. Skids are modular, self-contained, safe and an efficient solution for fuel blending of multiple products.

The process of gathering consists of aggregated crude oil production primarily through gathering pipeline systems, which deliver crude oil to a combination of other pipelines: rail and truck. Brodie’s Birotor Plus and its unique twin helical rotor design allows the meter to chew through paraffin in an application where other metering technologies have failed to produce long-term stability.

The requirement for high-accuracy, multi-viscosity, low maintenance metering in ACT/LACT and Transloader applications experienced measurable benefits when utilizing our best-in-class positive displacement meter technology.

With the domestic transportation of both crude oil and refined liquids on the rise, Brodie International offers cost-effective metering systems.

Decades of knowledge and experience in liquid systems has allowed us to develop high accuracy solutions for the loading, unloading and trans-shipping of petroleum products in rail applications, utilizing Brodie’s BiRotor Plus and piston control valve to help optimize profitability.

Brodie International provides proven marine metering solutions for both inland and coastal operations that are designed to enhance the integrity, security and efficiency of fuel measurement.

The BiRotor Plus has a proven track record for accuracy, helping ensure that vessel operators receive reliable and consistent fueling, whilst helping to reduce bunkering time via its wider flow capacity and its ability to manage multi-viscose product.