David Molloy, Brodie Engineering Manager

David Molloy is Brodie’s Engineering Manager, but that simple statement doesn’t tell his story and association with 19267 Highway 301 North facility located in Statesboro, Georgia.

David joined the then owners of the Statesboro factory, Emerson/Brooks Instrument, as a draftsman in 1987 and later earned his engineering degree from Georgia Southern University. Ultimately, David became product manager for the Compact Prover, overseeing many of the 850+ units built in South Georgia until 2004.

When Emerson segmented the Statesboro business and sold the now Brodie portfolio to local private investors, production of the Compact Prover was transferred to Houston, with David and his family also making that relocation.

After many successful years overseeing the production of hundreds of Compact Provers, David was identified as the man the current Brodie management wanted to head up the expanding engineering department and returned to Statesboro in 2015.

In late 2019, Brodie International was introduced to the possibility of acquiring the Compact Prover and bringing it back home to Statesboro. David played a significant part in that successful process and will now be responsible for all Compact Prover engineering as Brodie steps into the exciting world of being one of only a handful of Compact Prover manufacturers serving a global need.