Brodie International offers a wide array of industry leading positive displacement measurement solutions. Our portfolio includes meters ranging from 1/2” to 16” in size, capable of measuring flows from 0.9 GPM to 13,000 BPH (2.7 LPM to 2,000 M3/HR).




Conditioning the process fluid entering measurement and control devices is key to ensuring premium operation. Brodie International offers a series of Strainer & Air Eliminators that provide suitable protection against intrusion of unwanted foreign material and entrapped air.




Brodie International offers a range of both mechanical and electronic accessories to complement their positive displacement meters, and control valve products.


Offering accurate flow control of liquid petroleum products, the Brodie Piston Operated Control Valve ensures a positive seal, linear movement and uniform speed of response. This adaptable, efficient valve utilizes a single body design that can be equipped with a variation of external pilots, allowing one valve to serve various functions. The cartridge design allows internal components to be removed without interfering with the valve body or external connections, streamlining maintenance and maximizing operational availability.

BV 02 and BV 03
Check Valve, Basic Function Model

BV 28
Power Cylinder Operated

BV 54
Flow Limiting Valve

BV 70
Differential Control Valve

BV 88
Digital Control Valve

BV 10 and BV 11
On/Off Control Valve

BV 50
Pressure Reducing Valve

BV 60
Back Pressure Control/Pressure Relief Valve

BV 86
Two Stage Mechanical Control Valve

BV 89
Two Stage Control Valve




Additive and Dye Injection Solutions for petrochemical and industrial applications.
Brodie International manufactures products and complete systems used for the injection of liquid additives and dyes. Our products can be found at many petroleum loading racks worldwide.