2000th Compact Prover


Statesboro Headquartered Company reaches milestone in 2023

Brodie International and their Statesboro facility, located on Highway 301, recently manufactured the 2000th Compact Prover. The current design of the Brodie Compact Prover was originally developed by Ed Francisco and the then Phoenix-based company Flow Technology, who in the late 1970s worked alongside NASA on various flow measurement projects. 

“The first ballistic prover was built to verify the measurement of rocket propulsion fuels. Flow Technology then commercially marketed the product and eventually sold the design to Emerson Automation, who moved the manufacture from Arizona to a facility in Statesboro, GA, the current home of Brodie International.,” summarized Darren Heath, Brodie International’s Sales Director (Americas).

In the following 25 years, approximately 900 Compact Provers were built in the current facility. In 2005, the Compact Prover manufacturing process was moved by Emerson Automation to Houston, Texas where manufacturing remained until May 2021, when Brodie International was successful in bringing the world’s most popular Compact Prover back to Statesboro, Georgia.

Brodie International’s Compact Prover team includes David Molloy, Paul Chastain, Steve Wright, Dan Eagle, and Collin Daly, who between them have a vast wealth of product related experience.

Heath said, “This prover will be used on a crude oil import metering system supplying feedstocks to a refinery in California. Brodie also manufactured the metering skid which contains 5 x Brodie 16” BiRotor Plus meters.”

The Brodie Compact Prover provides high accuracy, rapid operation and continuous flow for proving a flow meter in an operational line. Designed per API MPMS Chapter 4 standards, the Brodie Compact Prover can be utilized to verify the accuracy of almost any liquid flowmeter type, including positive displacement, turbine and manufactured pulse meters.

Proving is accomplished without interrupting normal flow and without the use of manually operated bypass valves. The unique design features a piston assembly with an internal poppet valve in conjunction with optical position sensing, hydraulic piston return, pneumatic piston actuation and modern data processing techniques. The result is a complete packaged proving system significantly reduced in size, weight and cost that ensures accurate and repeatable proving performance. 

“Since completing the acquisition of the Compact Prover business from Emerson Automation, the response from the market has been overwhelmingly positive. With the knowledge and experience within the Brodie organization, we are truly putting the world’s most popular Compact Prover back on the map.,” Heath said. “This product compliments our current portfolio and also offers Brodie the opportunity to furnish our valued customers with solutions unparalleled in today’s market. To say we are delighted to proudly continue the legacy of the Compact Prover is an understatement.”

About Brodie International

Brodie International Co., LLC is an established manufacturer of liquid flow meters, equipment and engineered measurement solutions for the petroleum and industrial markets. At Brodie, we are dedicated to being the most reliable company to produce and distribute quality products and services. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, employees and trusted selling partners. Formed in 1928, Brodie’s 45-acre campus where we design, engineer and manufacture world class measurement and control solutions, is located in Statesboro, Georgia USA.

Our 165,000 square foot ISO certified facility contains one of the largest flow calibration centers in North America, capable of rates up to 13,000 B/H on mineral spirits. Our in-house service center specializes in the repair, remanufacture and recertification of all Brodie products, in addition to meters and valves from other manufacturers.

Check out the time lapse of our largest Compact Prover to date.