Jiryes Nijmeh, VP of Sales & Marketing

Jiryes Nijmeh serves as the Worldwide Vice President of Sales and Marketing. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Penn State, he went on to earn an MBA from the Royal Holloway University of London. His business degree has allowed him to develop his business strategy, finance and leadership skills. 

Jiryes has worked in various industries but has found a passion for the oil and gas sector. His passion is manifested in his knowledge and experience in liquid measurement, which helps ensure that the processes are optimized and that accurate, safe measurements are taken. While working for Brodie, he has gained extensive knowledge of its operations, market trends, and customer needs. He has led the worldwide sales team since 2017. 

For him, one of the key benefits of working in an international environment is the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds. This can help broaden one’s perspective and understanding of global business practices and lead to more innovative and effective problem-solving.

“One of the benefits of working for a small family company is the potential for greater autonomy and flexibility. This leads to a greater sense of ownership over one’s work and a feeling of being a valued contributor to the company’s success. Working for Brodie has allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge to meaningful projects, collaborate with talented colleagues, and continue growing professionally. Brodie has always fostered a positive work environment and culture that values the employees; we do feel a sense of community and loyalty at Brodie; the very low turnover among employees illustrates this.”