Introducing Brodie BiRotor Plus – E2 Meter

The transportation of liquid petroleum products via pipelines encompasses changes in ownership and/or fiscal contracts. It, therefore, becomes crucial to measure these transfers efficiently and accurately to guarantee fairness and equality between the stakeholders.

Targeted at the pipeline Custody Transfer vertical, Brodie International is delighted to announce the release of the E2 BiRotor Plus, a 12″ meter with a maximum flow rate of 7,865 BPH (1,250 m3/hr).


The BiRotor Plus is a unique positive displacement meter with an industry-leading repeatability of 0.02%. Applied in custody transfer of petroleum products, the BiRotor Plus provides outstanding service. With a compact design, & low-pressure drop, the BiRotor Plus is the pre-eminent meter of choice.


The heart of the BiRotor Plus is the measurement chamber containing twin helical rotors. Wear and maintenance are minimal, with no metal-to-metal contact between the rotors and the measurement housing. The double-case design combines the rugged durability and long service life of the traditional Birotor meter with the improved accuracy and reliable pulse output demanded by today’s industry requirements.


The innovative design of the BiRotor Plus meter with twin helical rotors producing a constant self-cleaning operation is proven in demanding applications such as crude oils containing paraffin wax and refined product pipelines where DRA (drag reducing agent) is present, providing both excellent performance whilst solving end-user challenges where other measurement technologies have failed to produce long-term success. Check out our case studies available on the Brodie website.


The BiRotor Plus is suitable for both crude oil and refined product applications such as blending, batching and leak detection, as well as traditional custody transfer applications.