Zhao Lanlan, Administrative Manager for the Chinese Region

Zhao Lanlan, Brodie’s Administrative Manager, is responsible for the Chinese Region. Lanlan has extensive sales experience from her previous position with Shandong DS Safety Technology Co., Ltd., where she worked prior to joining Brodie in August 2022. 

An integral part of the in-territory sales team, Lanlan provides account maintenance support to customers together with managing regional information for Brodie corporate management.  Some of this information includes monthly expense reports for the Chinese Area employees. She oversees the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for her region, which allows Brodie to make smart decisions for company growth and development. 

The sales team depends on her to provide them updates of daily happenings so that they can focus their time on reaching their sales targets. Lanlan is a quick learner and is extremely loyal to Brodie International and the growth of the company through guaranteeing customer satisfaction from start to finish, and reducing the error rate within ordering.